Computer And Peripherals

This is an of ever evolving world of technology. Whether you run a business or you are in the service sector, computers are lifesavers. Without them, we feel paralyzed. Thanks to computers and internet access, we can remain connected to the world. Computers and Laptops make our life easy and full of knowledge.

Naaptol brings to you a host of options when you are eyeing to buy computers and laptops. Whether you are in the mood for a tablet phone, windows or android tablet, from the cheapest laptop to the costlier ones - you get it all at Naaptol. Additionally, we provide you with all the necessary specifications and configurations so that you can purchase the model you wish to. Whether you care for a laptop or desktop for your home or office, Naaptol gives you plenty of options with a wide range of choices at your disposal. You can choose from a gamut of well-known brands like HP, HCL, Asus, Apple, Wespro, Toshiba, Acer, HTC, LG, Lenovo, and many more.

Peripherals are the computer accessories necessary for proper functioning of the computer. They are devices that you need to connect to your computer to make it functional and useful, although they are not a part of the core computer architecture. Naaptol's array of peripherals are available in various budget brackets. Peripheral devices can be segregated further into 3 categories:

  1. Input devices (keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, pen tablet, joystick, scanner, digital as well as video camera, microphone etc.)
  2. Output devices (monitor, projector, TV screen, printer, plotter, speakers etc.)
  3. Storage devices (external hard drives, media card readers, digital camcorders, digital mixers, MIDI equipment)

If there is no budget constraint, then opt for the best accessories available. However, Naaptol has all of these products in the price range you are comfortable with. So, it is best to take the Naaptol feedback (it being a comparison website as well) to ensure that you are buying the best product at the best possible price. Computer accessories in Naaptol include Web cameras, mouse, monitors, keyboards, projectors, and UPS.

Laptop & Desktop Accessories
This segment of computer peripherals include batteries, bags, skins, chargers, screen protectors, etc. These are essential to use the laptop/desktop efficiently and increase its shelf life.

Other computer hardware and accessories include modems, graphic cards, processors, speakers, web cameras, UPS, cleaning accessories, TV tuners, motherboards, etc. A desktop should at least be supplied with some computer accessories to make it work adequately. All other accessories needed to enhance computer usage are also available.

Computer printers are a common sight in homes and offices. From simple, inexpensive models to high-end versions packed with features (laser printers, multi-function printers) can be purchased from Naaptol. Canon is the brand we vouch for. The primary advantage of owning a computer printer is convenience. You can save on time and money by printing documents at home instead of visiting the local printer store. Plus, it is also a wise way to manage documents and paperwork by keeping backups and hard copies.

Storage Devices
In computers, two types of storage devices are used - primary storage device like the RAM (internal storage device to the computer that hold data temporarily) and secondary storage devices (external storage device with huge storage capacity, holding data permanently). DVD writers, USB drives, CD writers, DVD ROM, memory card readers, and hard disk drives are some examples of external storage devices which help people to store their data and rewrite them if they want. The advantage of such storage devices is that you get backups in various formats. You can save all your data from music files to documents, movies to images and everything in between with absolute ease. This way, your data remains safe and easily transferable. Naaptol provides you with all the latest storage devices so that you can store all your vital data easily and for as long as you wish. These include memory cards, USB drives, hard disk drives, DVD writers, memory card readers and blue-ray drives.

The computer has its own language as far as communication goes. This is called Software. Computer software can be divided into:

System Software
System software or operating system is the software used by the computer to translate inputs from various sources into a language which a machine can understand. Basically, the OS coordinates the different hardware components of a computer. There are many OS in the market, the most popular being Windows, Vista, etc.

Application software
Popular examples of application software are the Microsoft office suite which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox are also applications used to access the internet. E-mail software like Outlook express is used to manage Emails. It is obvious that all software utilized for working on a computer is classified as application software. The anti-virus is an application and so is the Media player.

Programming languages
Used exclusively by computer programmers, programming languages include C++, Java and Simlab. Generally Java is used for internet applications. C++ is a language of professional developers and used extensively in developing operating systems. PHP is another language used for internet applications. There is a new class of languages which are being utilized for the mobiles.
Operating software enables proper operating of the computer and security software enables protecting the computer from lethal virus. Multimedia software is also useful to make computer entertainment device. Users can listen to songs, watch movies, and play games. Many students buy educational software out of requirement. Naaptol enables the purchase of all these forms of software with complete details. Buyers can easily buy their requirements from our online shopping portal and make payments on delivery.

Brands in this category of computer peripherals include Samsung, Sony, iBall, HP, Callmate, Sandisk, Panasonic, XElectron, Dell, LG, Lenovo, Intex, Amkette, microware, Netgear, D-Link, Memorex etc.

Blank media
Users need video cassettes, audio cassettes, CD-R, DVD-R to operate their multimedia and store their favourite stuff.

Networking equipments
When we use the internet, different networking equipment is required like wireless data cards, routers, cable and connectors, etc to keep our connections in place and to enhance connectivity.

Wireless routers are equipped with modem, network switch (a device that has multiple connection ports for connecting computers and other network devices), and wireless access points. You can connect this wireless router to / from anywhere in your immediate environment or house. That means you can log on and surf the Internet from anywhere around your house/surrounding area.

In the same way, wireless data cards are equally convenient. Get fast, easy, instant and seamless internet connection. Internet access through cables lets you stay connected all day long without the hassle of dial-up and drop-outs. It works much faster compared to other types of broadband like dial-up, satellite, and DSL, so that you can download and upload larger files faster.

Naaptol provides you with plenty of options as far as networking equipment is concerned. We at Naaptol showcase big brands to small, catering to the needs of all and sundry. Some of the names include - iBall, Micromax, Nokia, XElectron, Asus, Apple, Lava, Huawei, Zebronics, Belkin, Vizio, Negear, Beng, Western Digital, Airtel, Zyxel, Vodafone and more.

However, the best part of associating with Naaptol is to be able to bag irresistible offers. Going by the core value of 'shop right shop more', Naaptol always strives to give you win-win deals. That's not all. You also get to compare prices in order to make more informed purchase decisions. So, come home to us; compare similar products in terms of brand, quality and price range and be the happy buyer

Incase you are not sure about the working and functioning of a product, Naaptol is there to assist you at every step - you can also browse through our Buying Guides section to know more about certain products.

Therefore, Naaptiol is your one-stop shop for computer and accessories.